Where have my holidays gone?

Four months! Four months of holidays until the next semester starts. What a long time, I thought. Obviously, it isn’t as long as I thought. One month has already passed and I haven’t even really started with my To-Do-List:

  1. Make a Photo Album of our trip in Canada (2016!)
  2. Make a Photo Album of our holiday in Croatia and Südtirol
  3. Post regularly on your blog
  4. Create a Facebook Page for your blog
  5. Write several book reviews
  6. Study SEO and Online Marketing, i.e. read as many books about it as you can get
  7. Refresh your French
  8. Make two websites for friends
  9. Find a side job to up the income in 2018


You see, I should be quite busy. Besides the list above I wanted to finally read all the books waiting on a pile on my desk. And most important, I have to start with my bachelor thesis ASAP! There is going to be so much research to do and I don’t even know where to begin with.

One month has already gone and I have done nothing at all, except last weekend I was able to tick off point 1 of my list.

I really thought four months would be enough time to get everything sorted and make actual holidays too. Unfortunately, time rushes by even faster than ever and I am feeling a bit stressed. Which is not what I want to feel like in my supposed holidays. Not after the perfect vacation we had in the first weeks of July. I returned totally relaxed and was determined to uphold this state until the end of Octobre. Today, one week after going back to work I am in a conflict between my sense of duty (work off my To-Do-List) and my desire for an actual holiday-feeling in my sparetime after work.

Can I have both? Relaxing holidays AND work off the tasks at hand?

Honestly, I think I can. Partially. I mean, I still have three months left. I only have to make priorities, which can’t be that difficult. If I look at my list properly, there is only one thing which is really important and that’s the bachelor thesis. Everything else are bonuses.  That’s how I have to look at it.


A great sense of duty is a good thing in work-life, but when it comes to my sparetime it can be a pain in the arse. I was always the kid who did the homework first and only afterwards went out to play with my friends. I am still that way, only grown up.

For the past few years I have been working on growing OUT of that behaviour pattern and it seems I still haven’t fully achieved that goal…Just relax, be spontaneous and don’t think about your stupid To-Do-List. Stop having such list in the first place. Do what you always preach and just go out and do what you really want to do.

Wise words. My words. Time to listen to myself – properly.

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