Ready. Set. Go!

Me, posing in front of the Drei Zinnen at the Drei Zinnen Hütte

I am glad to say my time off went very well. We’ve had one of our best holidays ever – and we’ve had lots of great holidays in the past.

About our holidays – at the sea and in the mountains

This time we had it all: relaxation at the sea, funny boattrips, delicious food, drinks with friends and lots of biking and hiking. For me, the perfect holiday.

Our first week took us to Croatia where we finally had time to cool down and relax after weeks full of stress and deadlines. Fortunately, all went well in University too, so the sea was the perfect place for celebrating another successful semester. We did spend most of our time lying in the sun in lonely bays – we couldn’t have asked for more.

After Croatia we went to Italy and Südtirol where we had an even greater time – if even possible. Finally, we went to the Tre Cime. Look at the picture below – no more words needed:

I fell in love with South Tyrol

We had a great time hiking and mountainbiking in Italy and Südtirol– first in the mountains, afterwards in the vineyards of Kaltern and Tramin.

Besides Tre Cime, my other highlight – if I can even pick one in particular – was the Messner Mountain Museum near Bozen. It is called Firmian and it is the best museum I have ever been to. I am very into Alpinism and the history of it and therefore it is the perfect place to be. As are the other two (of six) Messner Mountain Museums we have been: Corones and Dolomites.

Oh, and we visited Ötzi in Bozen too. If you ever have the chance to go to Bozen you have to go there. It is an awesome museum.

And we met the nicest people

Besides visiting museums, hiking and biking we met several very nice and welcoming people there. As always, people living in the mountains or near the sea are way more openminded and relaxed than in Lower Austria. Again, I was sad when we had to depart because I knew I would miss the people and their spirit – badly. Everytime after a holiday I have to go through a tough period of time where I have to get used to the coldness of the people in my hometown again.

I will never be able to comprehend how huge the differences are between the citizens in the west and the east in Austria.

However, I can say I am fully chilled out and ready for new challenges – in the mountains and in everyday life. I am very excited and I hope I will be able to write about success again in my future posts and not about failure. The goal is improvement and nothing less.



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  1. Wow, looks lovely, and you sure seem to have a fab time. Not a place I’ve ever looked at going to, but I just might have to at some point in the future.

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