June is one of my favourite times of the year. Normally, it isn’t as hot as July and August but still sunny and warm. The main reason for my liking it the most is that it is the time to start planning our vacation. 🙂

Although the semester isn’t over yet and I have much more important things to do than thinking about our holidays, I love picturing our time at the sea in Croatia and even more so our time in the mountains. Hotels are booked, time for details!

I can’t wait for boat trips to lonely beaches, snorkelling in the sea and eating delicious fish plates. You can imagine that the food is always an important factor during our holidays as is a good beer.

Most of all I am looking forward to nice hiking tours in Südtirol paired with visits in Reinhold Messner’s Museums and again: great food, this time maybe with great wine as there are several wine yards in the neighbourhood.

June is also the month I always suffer from Wanderlust, which is a mixed feeling between excitement, longing and feeling down because I have to face the fact that I won’t have enough time and money in my life to visit all the places I want to. If I only think about the places in Europe where I am desperate to go to…Iceland, Ireland, a roundtrip in England and France, Finland, Norway, Spain…

Not to mention the destinations in the rest of the world like Tibet, Nepal, Peru, Brazil, USA, Alaska….Life is definitely too short. Of course that makes me sad.

However, feeling down is not a good thing and that’s why I am looking forward to the things to come, which are very nice indeed. I am very grateful for having holidays at all and ours are going to be great, always have been.

And because I am a really lucky one, there are signs for another trip to London in fall although nothing is decided yet. But after seeing Jude Law (Oh. Yes. <3) live in Vienna two weeks ago my longing for London became nearly unbearable. I honestly love it there (not only for the beer), most of all I love the mentality of the brits and the spirit of the City of London itself. I can’t really describe what I mean, but all the London Lovers out there know.

As I said, June is a great month. A time of excitement, anticipation and with an atmosphere of departure. A time of optimism and most certainly the right time for dreams of the next destination to explore.

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