Life in a rush

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On Saturday my man and I went for a spontaneous trip to Vienna -two country children in the big city. Even as a grown-up I always get excited when visiting Vienna. The weird thing is, although I am living only about 40 Kilometres south, I don’t know Vienna as good as, for instance, London where I have only been twice. But that is because you get to know a city better when you are staying at least three days and explore it by foot. I have only ever visited Vienna for a few hours per trip and therefore only know the common places (even if so) but no insider tips.

Vienna is a beautiful city with ancient buildings and places full of history and knowledge. Most of all I love the hidden, tiny alleys you can find all over the centre of the city. Walking along those little streets it is easy to imagine a life 300 years ago.

Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the beautiful sides of the city very long because I get bumped by tourists and busy shoppers every minute and a feeling of constriction starts growing inside of me. I don’t know why they are so busy anyway. I mean, you can differ between a tourist and a local easily and tourists are not supposed to be busy and stressed out on their holiday, are they?

And what is it with the shopping anyway? Why do they have to go shopping in their holidays when they can do it in no rush at home? I know, everyone is different and I am the kind of “I don’t go shopping on holiday” and maybe that’s why I don’t get it. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, at least for me it is. Is shopping with thousands of others relaxing?

Honestly, I don’t think so and the people don’t seem relaxed in the slightest. Moreover, they seem annoyed and angry, bumping – deliberately – into others in the street, staring them down with the dead eye.  But I can’t look inside them and see what they are thinking.

For me, vacation equals with relaxation, delicious food and drinks, nice people and most of all – outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and other outdoor sports. But we are all different and maybe shopping is relaxing for some people who could never relax while hiking or doing exercise.

Anyway, I do have the feeling that we spend most of our time in a rush, chasing one appointment after another until even your spare time is only about appointments. Therefore, my man stepped on the brakes and we are going to stop making appointments until summer, otherwise we wouldn’t even have one day to take a breath and do what we really want to and have time to be spontaneous and a bit lazy too.


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