Sometimes I really hate Social Networks

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I don’t know how you are coping with the negative developments of our society on Social Networks, especially Facebook, but I can tell you I am disgusted!

I’ve been watching the downward trend of the behaviour of our fellow citizens for a while now and I am speechless every single time a new shitstorm breaks loose. The language used on Social Networks nowadays is so despicable, I don’t even have words for it!

Men and women are using phrases I wouldn’t even use towards my greatest enemy. The amount of hate that speaks through those words is nearly unbearable.

Only yesterday I found myself staring at posts a young female author in Austria found on her Facebook page and shared with the community to show what she had to face in the past week. Said author had to face untenable assertions made of a journalist of one of the biggest newspapers in Austria by claiming she and her female author friends smoked weed and kicked kittens out of their way while on a writing trip financed from taxes.

If you knew the author, you would know she is good with ironic use of words and always bordering on a morbid sense of humour. But humour it is!

Sadly, the journalist and a lot of his readers are apparently not able to differ humour from reality and with the journalist’s allegations hell broke loose. The young author was bombarded with hateful posts and even threats to her life which have become even worse and entered real world because the newspaper published her address. No need to say that she didn’t feel safe there anymore.

Yesterday, reading the posts of the Facebook community the author had to face I couldn’t believe how mean and brutal the posts were. There were phrases like “want to throw her into a hole with a bunch of rapists” or “the ugly bitch” or “I want to kick her in her face hard” and some about gas chambers and the like. Men and women, looking like normal people, like mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers where posting threats even Nazis would have had to swallow hard reading them.

It is a shame! And it is downright stupid!

The good thing is, if there even is one, that the police is investigating some of the people and I really hope they will receive the right punishment. More so, I hope that our government is going to acknowledge the need of rigorous laws against people making threats on Social Media. Because the weirdest thing of all is that those haters obviously are not conscious about the fact that their threats and insults can be seen in the whole world.

Posts on Social Media are public and therefore a lot of people and certainly the police can read them and find out the person behind the post easily. I don’t know what it is about those users acting like in anonymity but even under anonymity saying those things would still be disgusting. And evil.

The questions I am asking are:

Have there always been that many evil people out there and only Social Networks make it possible to find them more easily?

Or is our world going mad in general?

I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t want any of these questions to be true, but what should I think otherwise? Social Networks are a good thing if we use them as what they are meant to be. To network. And make friends, acquaintances at least.

Using Social Networks as a platform for hate-speeches and inflammatory propaganda is downright the worst thing to do and I honestly hope those haters are going to disappear really soon and positive posts and comments are going to gain the upper hand again.


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