International Women’s Day – My conclusion

This year’s International Women’s Day I spent at work – obviously, as I had no day off. I am one of the lucky women who has the same income as male colleagues at the same pay level in the same job. Buuuut, I am still working as a secretary so there are not that many male secretaries in our company. Fortunately, we have a few.

However, the pay gap is still a topic nowadays for most of women over the world. Next to the difficulties they have to face to get into a leading position at their work. Most of the companies still prefer male CEOs or head managers and I have a feeling that those women who are in a leading position have to fight for it every single day because one mistake can change everything again. A so called mistake could be pregnancy or even leaving early to take care of their sick child.
Another mistake could be to wear a skirt and make up because then it must have been their sexy styling that got them their position.

Honestly, I am sick of this! After all these years, nothing has changed! Why is there still a gender pay gap as big as Grand Canyon? Why the fuck do women still get payed less than their male colleagues with the same education and qualities for the same job?
Worst of all we had to found out this week about the representative of the European Parliament justifying the pay gap with women being weaker and not that smart as men.
He can go fuck himself!

I don’t get it. How can people still think of women as the weaker ones? We are everything but weak!

Yesterday I celebrated IWD by going to the cinema with a friend– yes I did, and no bomb there – and watch “Hidden Figures”. As expected I was hooked immediately by the story of the three women in the early 60s, working for NASA, doing an amazing job and nevertheless be forgotten until 2016 when the movie came out.
They were not the only ones: the ENIAC-Girls, Grace Hopper or even Ada Lovelace who invented an algorithm that allowed to compute the Bernoulli-Numbers and was the first programmer.

Not to speak of all the women all over the world being smart, talented, bright and funny and wonderful every single day!

And then it is International Women’s Day in 2017 and what do we get? Flowers, discounts for lingerie and promises from politician in order to win us as voters – because that is when our voice counts.

In reality we still have to fight for our careers. We still have to justify having kids and even if we don’t. We still have to speak up to be heard. And most of all we have to shout out loud to make the world listen: International Women’s Day is not a day we want flowers for, it is a day to show that women are still not taken for what they are:
We are smart, we are bright, we are funny and we are beautiful!

Let’s do as Astrid Lindgren said: “Be bold and bright and marvellous!”
(free translation)

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