Bomb threat at cinema – Hiding can’t be the solution

I know I’ve let you down last week and I am sorry for that. But with the new semester to start I had to get my head around that first. It seems all the lecturers at university made it their mission to challenge us with more assignments and projects to do in less time.

Anyway, I was going to tell you about the bomb threat at our local cinema last Saturday. Yes, you got it. No joke! There was an actual bomb threat at our local cinema. I can’t believe it either but newspapers say so. Ok, with all the FakeNews there may be a chance it is a hoax, but I am quite sure it is not. Maybe it was a very, very poor joke of a psycho to call the cinema and tell them about a bomb in their house.
Investigations are ongoing and they can’t confirm anything yet.
The most important thing is, there was no bomb and nobody got hurt.

What bothers me the most is that I can’t believe it actually happened in my home town. We are all quite used to news of bomb threats all over the world, but the same thing to happen in your own town is different especially when it happens at a place where you spend several evenings a month.
The words popping up in my head several times a day since I heard the news is: “We could have been there.” “What if there had really been a bomb?” “What if someone had died?”. “What if it happens again?”

If I was my Mum I would never set foot into that cinema again. But I am not my Mum. If there is one thing I have from her it is my stubbornness and that’s why I am not going to let myself chicken out of our next cinema evening. More so because I love movies. Why should I give up on that? If there is never going to happen anything bad at the cinema anymore (which I hope for), I would miss uncountable great movies and funny nights out with friends.

If we like it or not, life is risky. But if we never risk anything by leaving our comfort zone we are certainly going to miss adventures. Life is too short anyway. Spending our lives hiding at home in order to stay safe can’t be the solution. Because that won’t be a life, it would be vegetating.

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