Celebrating milestones

Believe it or not but I am going to finish the third semester of my studies come weekend which means I am halfway through my bachelor study. One exam to go on Saturday and after that I am going to take a little break during the holidays.

Unfortunately I have to work, otherwise I would be able to make full-time-holidays but who am I to complain? 😉 My plan is not to take a school book into my hands for the whole three weeks which is something I am so looking forward to.


The last weeks were very busy and I can’t wait to drop everything university-related the minute the last exam is done and just do nothing for a while. Recreation is the slogan for the next month.

Recreation in my case means sports and quality time with my significant other. J Additionally, I hope I will find the time to finally read the books I have bought during the last months. The pile has already reached the size of a toddler. Save to say, it is about time to work through said pile, mostly because everytime I look at the books waiting for me a feeling von longing overcomes me I only remember from my childhood waiting for the books I had bought at the last book fair.

However, as I mentioned above finishing this semester equals being halfway through the whole study which is rather huge if you asked me. As we learned in project management, I would certainly call it a milestone. It goes without saying that I am sure as hell am going to open a bottle of white wine with my man for celebrating it properly. If not celebrating milestones, what else are we supposed to do?

Speaking of celebrations, there is another thing that happened being worth a celebration i.e. another bottle of wine: I have found an internship position for January!

So this is really a huge effort! I have spent a lot of time and energy the last month working out how to do it and especially where as unfortunately I am not allowed to do at in my current work place.

I am beyond happy to say the least! Honestly, I can’t even believe it because I only found out yesterday. Possibly needs some time to sink in.  😉

All in all, I am in the lucky situation to start into the holidays not only knowing that I made it past the half of the study but also with a tremendous feeling of relieve because I can put the tiring process of applications to a rest for now.

As you may have guessed by now, I am going to get the last week of the semester over with ASAP and then, finally, open the so longed for bottle with my man. 🙂




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