Role Models

Your Mum, your Dad, brother, sister, a friend or even an actor – everyone can be your role model at different stages in your life.

As I have said last year, my role model, i.e personal hero, is Conrad Kain, a former mountain guide who left his home behind in order to become one of the most famous mountaineers in Canada. For those who don`t know, he was one of the main reasons for my wish to travel to Canada.


What makes someone a role model?

Humour? Wealth? Talent?


I think there are many reasons. For instance, while growing up mostly the parents are role models for their kids. Maybe you wanted to be as funny and smart as your Mum and as sporty as your Dad? Or you have an older sister and always admired her talent for painting and wanted to be like her? Or you wanted to play the guitar as well as your brother?


Mostly, talents and attitudes are characteristics which make our personal role model.

In my case, I admire Conrad’s love for nature and mountains and his attitude towards life and his acquaintances. He was a brave man, not only concerning climbing the highest mountains in the Rocky Mountains, New Zealand and Europe but also because, although he didn’t speak English well, he had the guts to move to another country on the other side of the earth.


The older I become, the more I am inspired by people chasing their dreams and living a fulfilled and happy life. Only yesterday we watched a documentary about extreme sports and the extertions those people have to endure because they want to succeed. Success in this context doesn’t particularly mean winning a contest, mostly it is about beating yourself and pushing the boundaries. In the documentary the lives of a cyclist, an apnoe diver and a wingsuit man were shown. All very different people, but they are always going for their limits.


I found one statement from the wingsuit champ very significant: He was asked if he thinks, what he is doing is extreme and he answered, “No. Having three kids and a dog is extreme.”

For people with three kids and a dog this may sound ridiculous because they found it nothing but. I think this statement is significant because it shows, that every one of us has a different concept of what is risky. If you think about it, we even have different concepts of what is funny either.


Therefore, the logic conclusion is that every one of us has a different concept of happiness and a fulfilled life and therefore everyone has another role model for different reasons.


Role models are important for kids while growing up. If they hadn’t their parents and siblings to look up to, they wouldn’t be able to learn talking, running or how to throw a ball.


I think that’s the reason why role models remain important throughout our whole life, because we need some kind of guiding for development, if only as an inspiration. It doesn’t matter how old we are, it is always nice to have goals and someone to look up to.



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