Christmas Madness – Here we go again

Today is the 1st of December, marking the beginning of a supposedly calm and blessed time of the year which in reality is the most stressful and nerve-racking month we have to endure every single year: shoppers running wild, hunting for presents for their beloveds, getting stuck in traffic and end up losing their shit.

It seems like that’s not the only thing we are losing: we’ve lost the meaning of these holidays. Christmas is celebrated as a time of charity and as I`ve mentioned a lot in the past, people don`t know what that means anymore. There is no thing like brotherly love in our society, at least it feels that way most of the time and at Christmas I am even more aware of that. Which is very sad if you ask me.

Fortunately, there are exceptions and there are people who help their fellows in need. I just saw a report about two of our football teams donating to a charity for the homeless which is a great thing to do, especially because the players are role models for their fans who may follow suit.

However, I am not only talking about donating. What bothers me the most is that people seem to have lost their ability to cope with their fellows in everyday life. I know, I’ve said that a lot, but maybe still not as much as needed: Why can’t we live together peacefully anymore?
Every single day I am out there I have to listen to words or have to watch actions of anger and annoyance, even if it is only a car horn signalling to hurry the fuck up.
Christmas traffic and Christmas shopping bring matters to a head. People are not only unfriendly but freaking out.

At one point several years ago, I’ve had enough. Since then I only do online shopping and try to avoid shopping malls and certain events in order to keep up a cheerful mood. Although, there is a flipside because from time to time even I would like to attend a Christmas fair and honestly, I would rather shop my presents in a real shop than online.
In the end, that’s the price I pay as long as therefore I don’t have to witness people fighting over the last Christmas tree shouting at each other. This way I can imagine people being nice and pretend Christmas to still be a holiday of calm and charity.

 “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” (Bob Hope)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Madness – Here we go again

  1. Michael says:

    It’s Christmas when you hear:

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart
    But the very next day you gave it away
    This year, to save me from tears
    I’ll give it to someone special

    haven’t heard it until now…
    avoiding shopping centers and listening to the right radio stations obviously
    note to self: keep it that way

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