Do you have a shrink?

According to my last post I wanted to share a few thoughts on therapy and the fact, that it is more and more common to have a shrink.

In Sex and the City it was a topic in the beginning of this century and it is still one nowadays. It seems like nearly everybody is in therapy.

I was. Two times. And I have acquaintances that have been in therapy too.

It is no shame, because I think it helps to speak to a pro about your problems.

If you really have some like being depressed or burned out or something like that. These are diseases that need to be cured and often there is no need for medication because speaking about it helps even more. And it is a cleaning process and important to move on with your life.

But it seems to me that more and more people want to have problems or make problems out of nowhere and go to a shrink because it is hip and they want to stay in the spotlight.

In the past diseases like depression weren`t that common and I think that was because people during war or earlier had real problems like: I have nothing to eat. I can`t afford a piece of bread for my kids. I have no job, no home and some crazy Nazis want to kill me.

These were real problems, questions of how to survive.

But today? Today it is a problem when your crush doesn`t love you back (sure this is hurtful, but life goes on and there is someone out for everyone of us); it is a problem when you can`t afford the same technical gadgets like your friends or the same clothes like the starlets in the fashion magazines.

Those are minor problems, problems that aren`t really ones if you are honest. Does a new piece of clothes or the newest smartphone really make you happy?

And again I come to the conclusion, that we are blocking ourselves to become more self aware and happy. We only have one life to live and living does not mean following the newest trends but enjoy the time with friends and family and yourself. Doing the things you enjoy. And when you think about it, going to a concert of the Foo Fighters and jump and sing along wearing a dress and stilettos or a suit isn`t that funny. Not even close.

Why creating problems where there aren´t really ones? Why consulting a shrink and throwing money at him? Only because you want to have problems to talk about or being talked about? If you really think about it, I am sure most of your problems are homemade and easy to solve.If you really need a shrink, ok. It helps. But you can solve lots of it on your own by learning to get to know yourself and your needs.

Maybe that sounds a bit too easy. It isn`t, it takes time. But it leads to a new point of view and the view from a mountain while hiking is much more impressive than the one out of a shrink`s room.

2 thoughts on “Do you have a shrink?

  1. Michael says:

    I agree – predominant.
    But one thing to be considered is, that 20 years ago some of the problems that occurded had no name and therefore did not exist in the straightforward minds of our physicians.
    And things you can’t name you can’t treat (properly)- because you need to get them in your system of known diseases, and the known ones might be far from the truth.
    And sure and I#m absolutely with you on this: today everybody has more time to think about the former unnamed troubles.

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